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Tom Dyksen, craftsman and owner of TJD Furniture Design, was born in New Jersey and moved to northern Indiana with his family in his early teens.  It's here in my dads small shop were my interest in Woodworking began.

At the time, both the middle school and high school had shop classes that furthered my interest in woodworking.  While in High School I worked for a family friend in his basement shop  making small wooden crafts like Shaker Boxes, turning wooden pens and pencils and many other craft items. 

​After high school I decided to pursue furniture making. I got an Associate Degree in Applied Science where I studied Cabinet and Furniture Making. It was there that I refined my craft, learning about tools, joinery, and design.  After college I worked at a local furniture shop and achieved the title of Master Craftsman. Some of the furniture that I made there was published in a book that focused on mission style furniture.  After working there for 15 years, I opened my own shop in January of 2012 where we build custom furniture and cabinets for our clients. 

Besides my work I enjoy spending time with my wife  Kelly, and kids. 


The “custom” aspect of our business starts from step one.  Each piece is unique and thus demands a personal touch at every step along the build.  This begins with the design process where we work closely with you to iron out the details.  Often times this can be accomplished over a phone call, but we prefer to meet in person with you at this stage when possible to make sure we get it just right from the beginning.   This often includes taking measurements of the existing space where your future piece will be installed.  Many Clients have example pictures, sketches, or full detail drawings of their ideas that help provide a clear vision, but we can work from a simple verbal description to turn your idea into reality.  After we feel that we have a good handle on what you are looking for, we develop design drawings for you to review and tweak as necessary.  We can even provide 3D renderings of your piece to give a clear feel of how it will function and interact in your space.  It’s at this point we feel ready to provide a quote on your project.   If the quote doesn’t quite fit your budget, we can provide you with options on how to get the project closer to the cost your budget allows.  Once the quote is approved, we get your piece into our shop’s schedule and provide you with a time frame of when it will be ready.   We keep you informed during the build to let you know how it is progressing and to provide any updates needed on schedule and cost.  We can even provide you with progress pictures of your piece as we build it.   Once completed, we prefer to personally deliver and install your piece at your home.  If this is not possible we will help make arrangements to have it delivered to you.   Send us a message or give us a call so we can get started on your project today.

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